Welcome to the JELLYGIT

With the powerful spirit, creativity and talent, JELLYGIT have an expertise team to create visual identities, digital experiences and emotional connections between the people and brand. We make your website stand out.

JELLYGIT with the power of teamwork, we are a unit of creative professionals, building a bridge between marketing strategy and today's forward thinking digital technology. To create dynamic solutions, we'll partner with you, paving the way for future success and growth.


Embracing the digital future, we drive progress by enabling businesses to thrive through innovative engineering and consulting services that foster competitiveness and transformation.


We aim to grasp your needs and propose fitting solutions. Our focus is on delivering value, not inflating costs. We offer essentials that truly matter to you and your business, ensuring a straightforward, mutually beneficial partnership.

Custom Service

We offer cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs, optimizing distribution based on your business goals. As Custom Business Solution Providers, our technical expertise drives results for your growth. Benefit from our technology platforms for the best outcomes.

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Think. Plan. Create. Achieve

Our specialists come together with the most viable solution to match the trends of your industry and brainstorm and serve your clients optimally.

While planning ideas received while brainstorming, we create blueprints for the project plan. We decide to step in the order of priority.

We then put our plan into actions to design and develop the most extraordinary solution, which shines your business with success.

Result oriented approach of JELLYGIT helps your business gain practical results from our solutions.


Web Design

The design is never stable, and any brand that wants to invest in a new site wants to see and feel contemporary. But the look behind the website design should stand the test of time. Great design has not been made in a vacuum.

Our designers dive deeply to douse themselves in their industry and their brand beauty. In our collaborative process, you and your team have to be included at every step, to ensure that your new site is something that truly represents you and your business, as well as taking you to the next level.

Web/Ecommerce Development

Building any successful website is not an accident. In technique, in the process, to assemble the right team, planning, communication and experience is needed for every aspect of the effort.

At JELLYGIT “We don't just build up websites, we build the websites that SELLS” , we have developed an adaptive application development framework that covers the full scope of software development lifecycle to deliver the best of design, development and distribution practices.

Data Analytics and Reporting

We make you unlock the ture potential of your data to make successful business decisions.

JELLYGIT has a team of Big Data architects, data scientists, engineers and developers who specialize in HortonWorks, Cloudera, Spark, Elastic Search, AWS EMR, and Oracle BDA Hadoop services with expertise in product administration, analytics, architecture, design, and development.

Mobile Application

We firmly believe that with mobile applications, development services should cover more than just coding. Our mobile app developer works with you through mobile strategy, mobile app design, development, app quality assurance and delivery. We also offer specialized enterprise application development services that can be customized to suit your business needs, including hiring mobile app developers for employee growth; Long-term team integration; And full service application development.


The rapid growth of digital media has changed the way people connect, using the techniques given by digital medium to businesses, which are forcing customers to reinforce their digital marketing strategies.

JELLYGIT helps their clients to get more website traffic and potential customers with professional SEO services. We strive to achieve your company's high ranking, increase revenue and get a steady stream of new customers with's award-winning search engine optimization services.

Consulting Services

JELLYGIT consulting services brings you the best resources globally for smooth running of your products/services. We ensure clients satisfaction by providing exactly what is needed.

PowerBuilder, Power BI, Data Science consulting and Data analytics and Reporting services are our core strength and we firmly believe in providing the best in the market.

Our work process geared to gain success

We are beyond our client's expectations with our active and innovative approach. We not only focus on completing the project, but also provide solutions that help our customers stay ahead of their competitors two steps ahead. Our customers are not only satisfied but happy with our services.

Our passion in JELLYGIT is to provide innovative, highly functional, visually appealing and feature-rich website designs and mobile applications as well as digital marketing programs that enhance business growth. We keep ourselves for the highest standards of creative and technical excellence. Regardless of the scope of every customer, size or project, JELLYGIT can expect nothing from the lively, experienced, dedicated and marketing savvy staff except best design, customer service and professionalism.

Our vision and strategies are based on complete transparency and are guided by ethical practices.

We are trying to become a global solution provider in IT solutions with focus on innovation.

We understand the aspirations of the customers and align their objectives accordingly.