We've been very fortunate with the team of meritorious individuals that compose Specialty of JELLYGIT and ensure our clients' needs are persistently met and exceeded. JELLYGIT in-house experts extend, analyze, strategize, build and deploy high performance, secure and scalable digital experiences while extending many industries and project types. Each member of the team brings a skill set that helps JELLYGIT grow your company.

Balance is necessary for us.

When we offer you the necessary technology to promote your business, then we focus on making a lasting impact on our personal level for technical support and other concerns.

We work with a new perspective.

Our young and enthusiastic workforce has more valuable resources than other forms of property. We have system engineers, IT consultants, network infrastructure designers and technicians who churn out effective work output and meet your business needs.

Our core competencies improve professions.

Security solutions, IP services for medium-sized business, technical support for end users, system integration for large organizations, and other service packages. They are only waiting for our services to be tapped.


Growth is about being constantly and professionally challenging and constantly stretching itself. JELLYGIT are encouraged to learn to unlock their potential through jumping on bravery and opportunity. Our team is the foundation of our growing business.


Innovation is not necessarily about new technology, it is about challenging the norm: Identifying new approaches, procedures and methods for connecting dots. JELLYGIT introduce creative solutions, services and best practices for the community through the discovery of originality.


At JELLYGIT , we know that openness has a significant effect on the business, which is why we are committed to sharing knowledge, contribution and informed decisions. Members of our cross-functional team encourage dialogue, believe in each other and work consistently with good intentions.

Customer Satisfaction

JELLYGIT reputation gives an example of excellence in customer satisfaction. We respect unique qualities in our clients, recognize their continuous changing needs, and are responsive. It is paramount to fulfill our promises by providing state-of-the-art open source solutions.


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